South Indian (Carnatic) Classical Music - Listen, Understand

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Course Summary

Appreciate South Indian classical music by understanding its elements, instruments, composers and singing patterns.

Course Instructors

TV Ramprasadh

A prominent Carnatic classical vocalist, his captivating voice, clarity in diction, uncompromising adherence of tradition and unique style have evoked unqualifiedapprobation of all listeners. He has had his initial training under Mahalakshmi Natarajan (Bombay) and Sharada Satyanarayana and later under R.R.Keshavamurthy, T.V.Gopalkrishnan, S.Rajam and P.S.Narayanaswamy.An A-grade All India Radio artist, he is an empanelled artist of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Govt of India and has performed in USA, UK, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Singapore and Malaysia.Ramprasadh has composed music for documentary films, cassettes and dance productions.Kosmic Music, Music Today, HMV, Times Music, Amutham Inc of USA, Lahari, Sangeetha have also released his audio albumsHe has been awarded with the titles Asthaana Vidwaan of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Kanchipuram ; Gana Kala Shree from the Karnataka Ganakala Parishath; Naada Vallabha ; Gayana Gandharva ; Ganakala Visharada and Youth Excellence Award, fromRotary Club of Madras. He has also received Best Vocalist awards from Music Academy, Krishna Gana Sabha and Indian Fine Arts Society in successive years.He has been training students in India and abroad. He has conducted workshops, given lectures on music in different countries, contributed articles on music to various publications and conducted music appreciation programs in Bangalore and Chennai.A Cost Accountant, Lawyer and Masters in Music by qualification, he has chosen music as his profession and is married to Indira Kadambi, a well known Bharatanatyam artiste with whom he has established Ambalam, Centre for Performing Arts in Chennai. They are blessed with a twelve year old son Vishnu Ramprasad, a gifted exponent of the guitar.Visit or

Course Description

The course is designed to introduce you to the various aspects of South Indian Classical Music or Carnatic (Karnatic) Music. You will understand how to appreciate Carnatic Music from a concert standpoint. The concert here is the central piece through which concepts are introduced. The course contains multiple Videos, PDF’s, Audio downloads and self-assessment materials. The course has over 4 + hours of premium video content and about 80 lectures and can be taken over a period of 7 days by any student. The rich history of Karnatic Music will be unfurled to you.Starting from understanding swaras, you will understand ragas, and the speciality of Karnatic Raagas. You will be also introduced to the realm of rhythm in Karnatic music with a closer look of thaalas You will understand the compositional aspects and the creative music which forms the pillar of Karnatic music concerts.You will be introduced to the various musical instruments and composers, thereby giving you a rounded understanding of Karnatic music. By undergoing this course you will be able to appreciate the basic elements of Karnatic classical music, melody and rhythm, talent of musicians, structure and form of the concert and appreciate the raagas and thaalas adopted in the concert. The student should have good multimedia connected to his system. Any audio album records of Karnatic classical musicians will help you to relate and understand the concepts taught in this course better. Finally you should have a free Udemy account registered to go through this course. Over 86 lectures and 8.5 hours of content! By the end of the Course you will be able to appreciate and understand the concepts in karnatic Music Concert and unravel the elements in a Karnatic music concert. In this course you will be able to learn Introduction to karnatic music ,general theory , melody & rhythm and concert appreciation. A person who desires to know what Karnatic Music is, by doing this course, will be able to appreciate what exactly happens on stage in a concert. By doing this course you will be able to develop an acceptance and enjoy Karnatic classical music. This course is for anybody who is interested in music. You need to appreciate music in general and should have interest in understanding various streams of music around the world. Students who are studying professional music courses in various universities will see this course as an opportunity to get a peek into the world of Indian music and appreciate them better. Avid Indian music listeners will benefit more out of this course.

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