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Course Date: 15 September 2014 to 10 November 2014 (8 weeks)

Price: $199

Course Summary

This eight week experiential course focuses on the critical aspects of building a company from concept to a sustainable business–idea development, market research, leadership, personal development, funding and...

Estimated Workload: 2 - 4 hours / week, for seven weeks Prerequisites: This is an introductory course and there are no prerequisites.

Course Instructors

Matt Blumberg

Matt Blumberg founded Return Path in 1999 because he believed the world needed email to work better. Matt is passionate about enhancing the online relationship between email subscribers and marketers so that both sides of the equation benefit. It is with great pride that he has watched this initial creation grow to a company of more than 325 employees with the market leading brand, innovative products, and the email industry’s most renowned experts.Before Return Path, Matt ran marketing, product management, and the internet group for MovieFone, Inc. (later acquired by AOL). Prior to that he served as an associate with private equity firm General Atlantic Partners and was a consultant with Mercer Management Consulting. He holds a B.A. from Princeton University.You can learn much more about Matt by reading his email marketing and entrepreneurship blog Only Once - one of the first CEO blogs on the internet.

Clint Korver

Clint Korver is the Chief Operating Officer at NovoEd and teaches entrepreneurship part time at Stanford University. Prior to NovoEd he was the director of the Kauffman Fellows Academy, where he partnered with Matt to create this course. He was a co-founder and partner at Ulu Ventures where he made over 50 early stage investments, including leading the seed round in NovoEd. He founded and led four Silicon Valley startups, and would have benefited tremendously from this course if it were available then. He co-authored the book Ethics for the Real World and has a PhD and MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford and a BA with honors in Mathematics from Grinnell College, where he currently serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Course Description

The Course Improve Your Management and Leadership Skills Quickly Instead of learning from the school of hard knocks, let experienced startup founders guide you to being a successful first-time CEO. In addition to explaining the most critical responsibilities of a startup CEO, Matt Blumberg, Founder/CEO of Return Path and author of Startup CEO and Clint Korver, successful serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and Stanford University adjunct professor, will provide you with an operating system that will help increase the chances of your startup’s success, while saving you time and reducing stress. You’ll learn how systems thinking can help you build and scale a successful company. Many first-time CEOs focus on problem solving. However, encountering a problem, solving it and moving on to the next one is inherently limited and frustrating. Building a scalable business requires designing and implementing systems that prevent problems or at least make them easier to solve. You will have the unique opportunity to directly engage Matt Blumberg and other celebrated entrepreneurs in live chats held weekly during the seven week course, where you can ask your startup questions. You’ll also learn from fellow online students—startup CEOs from around the world— helping you to build your network and gain a broader perspective on your company’s strengths and weaknesses.   A How-To Guide for the First-Time CEO This online course focuses on the areas of responsibility unique to the CEO such as communicating the vision, building the company’s human capital, driving execution, building and leading a board of directors and managing yourself. You’ll learn about a variety of systems--from those that help you manage your own time and priorities to those that drive the most important activities in your company. Fundamentally this class describes how to create an operating system for managing yourself and your company. This course will enable you to: Engage Matt Blumberg and other startup CEO’s in live chats Emulate what a successful Startup CEO really does Grasp the power of story telling and how to communicate your vision to all stakeholders Collaborate with fellow classmates and entrepreneurs from around the world Learn how to recruit, hire and retain the very best talent Learn to marshal financial resources and use them wisely through disciplined execution Build and lead a board of directors that will drive your company to success Learn how to manage your time and your priorities so you can effectively manage others Working in virtual teams, you will learn by doing in this online course. You’ll gain leadership skills you can apply to your own startup or work situation in real-time. Designed by entrepreneurs for new and aspiring entrepreneurs, the seven-week curriculum will both improve your interpersonal skills and help you create an operating system for managing yourself and your company. Our team-based exercises allow for substantial interaction with other students and the opportunity to build a network of fellow startup CEOs from around the world. Here’s what past Startup CEO students have to say about the course: “The lectures and the hangouts were incredibly insightful. I’m sure I’ll avoid a good number of mistakes I would have surely made without taking this class!” “The video lectures and the topics you don’t find in most cookie cutter business books” Check out spring 2014 highlights »

Course Workload

2 - 4 hours / week, for seven weeks Prerequisites: This is an introductory course and there are no prerequisites.

Course Prerequisites

You need a computer that allows you to watch the video lectures, and the ability to upload your assignments, which will include text reports and images or video.

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