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1. Start by adding a course.

First, browse our large selection of courses through our Course Finder. If it piques your interest, add the prospective course to your To-Learn list.

2. On your profile, you can find your To-Learn list.

When you're ready, add the course to your Wall to begin working.


Accredible has a number of features available for each course.


Once you've added a course to your wall, you can take advantage of some tools we provide to enhance your learning experience.


3. Add a checklist.

Keep track of your learning and set a checklist of things to do.

4. Store files and bookmarks.

Store your course materials, notes, assignments and more.

5. Provide references.

Give and receive words about your colleagues.


Each course has it's own community that you can engage in, whether it's debating interesting topics or getting to know one another.


6. Discuss in forums.

Utilize other's knowledge, get help when needed.

7. Write reviews.

Rate the course, instructor and content for all to see.


Let new courses and colleagues come to you with our suggestion engine.


8. Friend Suggestions help you find new friends with similar interests.

At the bottom of your profile, you can find new friends who love to learn.

9. Course Suggestions bring new possibilities.

Beneath the friend suggestions, you can see a selection of courses that we think you might be interested in.


Display your knowledge by adding your evidence to your Resume and LinkedIn profile.

10. Upon the completion of a course, you can showcase your evidence by adding a unique Accredible link to your Resume, sharing it to Twitter or Facebook, or posting it on your LinkedIn page.


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